Unique Gifts & Decor

We are the ultimate destination for wildlife and cabin enthusiasts.  Our store offers great ideas and inspirations for decorating and furnishing your home. Including a high selection of lighting, furniture, bath accessories, wildlife-themed gifts and so much more.


Silver & Turquoise Jewelry

The creation of Native American jewelry includes many different materials. The Southwestern Navajo, Zuni, and Hopi tribes are known for pieces created from sterling silver, 14k gold jewelry, and stones. Some of the most widely used and popular stones in Native American jewelry are turquoise, coral, jet, and different shells. The most popular stone is turquoise by far. The materials are not limited to only stones and metals, the use of seeds, wood, bone, and plants all play a role creating the variety and intricacy in the designs of their Native American jewelry pieces. Depending on the tribe and its history, as well as physical location, different materials are used to create the many forms of art seen in the Native American Culture thus producing many unique designs to choose from.

Rustic Décor

Add majestic beauty to any room in the house with unique gifts and décor inspired by nature. From handcrafted lighting made with naturally- shed elk and deer antlers to hammered copper sinks.  We can help you with your decorating needs.